Art Statement

For me, photography is a way to associate with the past and the future, a way to record a state of mind, to convey the dream and the purest feeling that we all have inside. I divide my work into topics and work on it as a collection, which often keeps evolving for a few years. Each series of work is a reflection and retrospect of some aspect and stage of my life and experience.

Using the camera as a brush, and painting with light to create abstract, impressionistic and painterly photography is one of my ways to realize my youthful dream of creating art.

Many of my works were inspired by the interaction between ocean and sky afterglow. Much ephemeral and mostly unseen beauty, in some aspects surrealistic, can only be viewed through a form of shifting light. Using simple form to abstract the essence of the moment and places, my tenet is to celebrate the ephemeral beauty that often goes unnoticed in our life. I want to bring a feeling of peace to the viewer, to rediscover the serene and innocent moments that we have often lost in the modern, chaotic, and materialistic world.